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Water Skiing


Are you hurtling down the ski slopes without apprehension and want to find the same sensations on the water? This course is for you! There are two types of practice in this activity, Monoski and Biski. In both cases, you are towed with a position facing the boat.

The beginner begins in Biski, with a ski on each foot, which facilitates the exit of the water from the first session and apprehends without difficulty the turns where one finds the same feelings as in Alpine Skiing. For the practitioner who masters the Biski, he can evolve on the Monoski where he has both feet attached to the same Ski. Let yourself be tempted by Water Skiing!

baby skiing


Because we never forget our little ones, we have adapted a discipline for them too, from an early age, from 4 years old. They can't swim? Don't panic, you just have to be comfortable in the water! A smooth and safe initiation with two skis attached at the front, at the back and in double rudder. For this technique the child will be accompanied by a person in the water on a sandbank to help him balance himself, reassure him and make it easier for him to get out of the water. This will allow him to discover the first pleasures of skiing without too much effort. 

Always a great discovery for our new little riders, the   Baby Ski  !

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